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What exactly is Brazilian wax?

What exactly is Brazilian wax?

If you want bikini wax, you can try Brazilian wax. You don’t know what it is? I hope this article clarifies for you.


This is the history class you never took in school. The origin of Brazilian wax! But don’t worry there are no dates to remember

Bikini waxing began with the advent of the traditional bikini. To this day, “bikini wax” refers to waxing to remove hairs that may be exposed while wearing a bikini. In the 1970s, however, twine bikinis were introduced to hot beaches. South America exposes more skin so hair removal is more needed than traditional bikini waxing. So women in the southern hemisphere started using advanced hair removal techniques.

By the mid-1980s, string bikinis moved north. Opened a small wax shop One in New York. It is run by seven sisters from Brazil. Known as the “J Sisters” (because all seven sisters’ names begin with the letter “J”), these ladies are technical experts from their hometown in Brazil, recognized for embracing the “J”. Wax this bikini style. Thanks to them it’s called “Brazilian Wax”


Whereas traditional “bikini” waxing (described above) removes visible hair while wearing a regular bikini. Brazilian wax is much more than that. What do you think the panties look like? You will learn how much hair removal is required. It’s not just about the front hair. But for the most part, Brazilians must shave the entire bikini area between the legs and back. However, some women prefer to leave a small triangle that is reminiscent of a natural shape. Some opt for what’s called a “trail” or “mustache,” which is a thin, rectangular hairstyle. This depends on your preference and should be discussed with your beautician in advance. But the basic idea is to keep the area clean and smooth for wearing a string bikini.

Other Things to Expect

Brazilian wax is more expensive than traditional wax. Just because there are more hairs, this process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Prices vary across the country. But it’s usually only ten dollars more than a typical bikini wax. It depends on your beautician. Some Brazilian waxes use disposable underwear, or sometimes nothing at all. According to your groomer, your hair should be 1/4 inch long for the wax to pick up and remove. If your hair is too short, the procedure will not work, if it is too long your mechanic may cut it first. Most women return for their next service within four to six weeks. Many of them continued throughout the winter. Because they have a smooth and clean look all year round.

DIY, no way!

If you’ve heard “don’t try this at home”, Brazilians definitely fall into this category! Using a straight razor for Brazilian style is a great way to say it. Skin folds and other hard-to-reach areas are not suitable for razor blades! Not to mention you have to use a mirror to make sure you don’t miss any stitches. Plus, the bikini area is very delicate. So even if you’re considering a shave, you should see a certified groomer. Not only are they technically trained to achieve optimal hair removal results. Also make sure you don’t damage your skin, which can lead to infection. If you already know you have sensitive skin. Talk to your beautician before your appointment for advice on how to minimize potential reactions.

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