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Thyroid Disease – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Thyroid Disease :

The thyroid is a very important fine tool in metabolism and growth and development. This means that glands are not only necessary for human function. But it must also work precisely to stay healthy.

One of the most common forms of thyroid problems is hypothyroidism. The most common form of this problem is Hashimoto’s disease or thyroiditis.

This is an immune disease that affects the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland slows down or swells. Thyroid problems can be caused by an iodine deficiency. Due to pituitary dysfunction, drug use, or surgery.


Being overweight or obese is one of the first signs. Especially when the excess weight accumulates quickly. The skin is usually rough and dry. Persistent fatigue and dry hair are other symptoms. Thyroid problems A person may experience constipation, cramps, and memory loss. All these symptoms can be observed.

This means it is best to talk to your doctor to diagnose thyroid problems. One of the best ways to diagnose this condition is to perform blood tests on thyroid hormones such as T4 and TSH. The problem may occur in people who are at a level similar to another person who seems to be doing well.

The range of thyroid hormone levels that are considered normal is very wide. However, blood tests are still one of the best ways to diagnose thyroid health problems (such as hypothyroidism).

Consequences of thyroid problems

Thyroid problems affect every system, such as the respiratory system. Reproductive system, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system and cardiovascular system..

Thyroid problems affect the body’s metabolism. The work of the brain and energy levels Pregnant women’s thyroid dysfunction can lead to placental dysfunction, and also increase the risk of maternal and infant health.

Hyperthyroidism It has become a cause of thyroiditis, Plummer’s disease and serious diseases. Untreated thyroid problems increase the risk of stroke, heart failure, and osteoporosis. Vision problems, etc.

Thyroid Disease
Thyroid Disease

Diagnose thyroid problems

To find out the cause of thyroid dysfunction, the doctor will ask the patient’s medical history. In addition to the patient’s medical history, the doctor also ordered T3, T4, and TSH thyroid tests.

Sometimes blood tests and other imaging tests are required to check the thyroid in detail. Delayed detection not only increases the possibility of surgery. But it also increases the risk of irreversible damage to the body. In particular, early diagnosis of thyroid disease can lead to effective treatment.

In Arth Diagnostics, thyroid function tests can be used to check for thyroid problems. Including T3, T4 and TSH tests. The thyroid function test is a simple blood test..

The test results arrived within 1 hour on the same day. This test does not require fasting. This test can be done at home. Arth Diagnostics provides internal sample collection facilities.

If you are taking medication, it may affect the results of the thyroid function test. In this case you need to consult a doctor.

Certain tests, such as thyroid, diabetes and cholesterol, are necessary. People over 25 must take these exams once a year. This will help to understand your physical condition on a regular basis and prevent the development of serious diseases.


One of the best treatments is levothyroxine, a synthetic thyroid hormone. This type of topical treatment is usually very dangerous and requires constant monitoring of how levothyroxine levels affect the disease.

An alternative to this health problem is to use natural hormones such as bovine extracts. However, the problem of virus infection still exists. In any case, changes in thyroid hormone levels are considered to treat moderate thyroid problems. It will only temporarily relieve symptoms.

Natural Treatment

Supplements and vitamins are important for treating thyroid problems and keeping the thyroid gland normal. Vitamins such as C and A usually help a lot and can even consume copper. In fact, it is best to avoid stimulants. For example, coffee, tea, alcohol, and even smoking.

Avoid eating foods containing preservatives and additives. This is because fresh fruits and vegetables should be added to your daily diet to improve your balance.

There are many natural remedies available to treat various thyroid problems. One of the most effective methods is seaweed (which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years), goji and goji berries.

Powerful because there are many reasons for thyroid problems. One of the best ways to prevent thyroid disease is to take a holistic approach to nutrition and health.

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