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How to Choose a Mattress – Sleeping Positions & Styles

Sleeping positions :

Have you ever woken up from unexplained severe back and neck pain? It can range from the way you sleep to the type of mattress you use. When you wake up in pain, the whole day will be wasted. It makes you miserable and destroys your emotions.

Choosing the right mattress for your sleeping position will have a huge impact on all aspects of your life. It’s not just your mood.

You need a mattress designed for you and your sleep style for many reasons, such as pain relief, comfort, and sleep disorders such as insomnia. Or your lifestyle.

1. Do you sleep alone?

Most people sleep next to them. Side sleepers don’t want a mattress that compresses shoulders and hips. It is a mattress that can soothe different parts of the body.

Those who lie on their sides should buy a softer mattress. A good choice is a slightly sagging mattress, so that the mattress fits the natural curves of your body and helps align the spine.

2. Are you sleeping on your back?

You need a mattress to support your lower back when lying on your back. This is why you don’t want a hard mattress, because you don’t want to put pressure on your spine while you sleep.

It is enough to not support other parts of the body, especially the lower back. For people who sleep on their backs, a medium to firm mattress is a good choice.

Because there will be enough support to relieve back pain. But it hasn’t reached the level of stiffness and pain when I woke up the next morning.

3. Are you lying face down

The hardest mattresses are those that make those who sleep on their stomachs feel comfortable. When they are lying on their stomachs, they need a supporting but not hard mattress.

There is an important difference between the two.. You want your body to float on the mattress with your spine aligned. A mattress that is too hard can cause neck and chest pain when lying flat. A mattress that is too soft can sink your body into the bed and cause severe back pain.

Sleeping position
Sleeping position

4. Are you sleeping in bed

Most people dream of gymnastics. This means they fall asleep on their side, turn around like a starfish, then come back, lie down on their side, face down. Sleeping next to these people can be difficult. Especially finding a good mattress.

If you are a person who walks a lot while sleeping, you need a mattress that looks like a high-quality spring or latex foam mattress. In fact, this style of mattress can adapt to all body types and sleeping styles. Except not so flexible, so as not to wake up the neighbors.

5. Which is the best?

Which mattress is best for you? The best mattresses consist of a layer of latex foam pocket springs covered with another layer of memory foam. But what do you really want? Memory foam is expensive, so before deciding which mattress is best for you. Be sure to understand the real difference in personal comfort between these options.


Choosing a good mattress is important for many reasons.. But your comfort comes first. Don’t suffer back, neck, or shoulder pain because you don’t want to buy a good mattress. And make sure that the mattress you want to buy matches the type and size of the bed frame. A good night’s sleep is worth every penny spent on a comfortable, high-quality mattress.

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