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Hemorrhoids – 10 Causes Of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a very difficult and painful disease. It will interfere with your daily life. This is a common problem, and approximately 50% to 75% of Americans are affected at some point in their lives. Causes of hemorrhoids include the following factors.

1. Strained Bowel Movement

Forced bowel movements, whether it is overwork or prolonged fatigue, can cause hemorrhoids. This forced bowel movement may be caused by constipation, diarrhea, or poor bathing habits. Squatting toilets can facilitate evacuation.

2. Postponing Bowel Movement

Sometimes, if there are no suitable facilities nearby, you may postpone the evacuation, but this is not a big problem. If you have the habit of slowing down bowel movements. The stool in the intestine will eventually become dry and hard. This can stretch and cause hemorrhoids.

The stool in the colon also puts pressure on the muscles and veins in the rectum. This can cause swelling of the blood vessels around the anus and rectum.

3. Diet

Processed foods with less fresh fruits and vegetables are one of the main causes of hemorrhoids. Eat a lot of refined flour and animal protein. Fiber-free carbohydrates and sugars make stool harder and harder to excrete. This can cause hemorrhoids.

4. Genetics

Some people inherit a weak vein wall. This can cause hemorrhoids. Although this in itself may not be the deciding factor. Weak vein walls combined with sedentary or standing or poor toileting habits can lead to hemorrhoids.

5. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the excess weight of the endometrium is placed on the rectal veins. In addition, a long and painful childbirth can cause increased pressure in the anal area.

This may cause constipation in women who have never complained before. Pregnancy can make the problem worse. This problem worsened in the last quarter.


6. Constipation and diarrhea

Both can cause hemorrhoids. Constipation is difficult to evacuate due to stiffness caused by overuse. Due to adverse reactions, diarrhea can cause excessive watery stools. This can damage the rectal veins and cause hemorrhoids.

7. disease

Anal cancer can cause hemorrhoids. Anal cancer can cause or prompt you to have frequent bowel movements. Even if you do not have a bowel movement, this unnecessary and frequent pressure can put too much pressure on the blood vessels and cause hemorrhoids.

Other diseases such as heart disease, liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal tumors may cause indirect hemorrhoids.

8. lack of exercise

A sedentary lifestyle with little muscle movement can cause muscles to lose flexibility. Making immigration difficult This is a common problem for the elderly and the sick. In the same way, some jobs require you to sit or stand for long periods of time. Can also cause hemorrhoids

9. obesity

Being overweight can cause many problems. Hemorrhoids is one of them. Excessive weight in the pelvic area and abdomen can increase pressure on the pelvic veins. This can cause hemorrhoids.

10. Other possible causes of hemorrhoids

Other factors that may be associated with hemorrhoids in some patients may include: frequent use of laxatives, high blood pressure, and insufficient drinking and water

People with frequent constipation and diarrhea may suffer from hemorrhoids. Similarly, people with chronic liver disease and intestinal disease can also get hemorrhoids.

People who are engaged in work that requires long periods of sitting or standing may develop hemorrhoids. People who eat spicy food or drink less water may experience constipation, which can cause symptoms.

Finding out the cause of hemorrhoids is the key to solving the problem. This is why natural remedies for hemorrhoids are so popular. Because they will work with you to help you find the reason for the hemorrhoid treatment. Then help him change his life to save them forever.

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