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Health Benefits of Amla

Health Benefits of Amla :

Hello friends, if you have eaten many such fruits like mango, orange, banana, sev, but today we are going to know about such a fruit in this post which is astringent in taste but eat it. Our body has innumerable benefits from it, so let’s know complete information about this amla fruit.

What is amla

Amla is such a medicinal fruit, its consumption is beneficial for hair and face from thumb to nails. Due to which it is also used to eliminate many types of diseases from the root. Amla is also called Amrut Phal or Dhatriphal in Ayurveda. Amla fruit is round, small in shape and green in color, which is bitter in taste and this Amla fruit becomes red in color after ripening.

It is also called Amrita, Amalaki and Amritaphal in Sanskrit, which is also used in jam, juice, pickle and raw food. It is very beneficial.

Amla plant information

Amla plant is a striped plant which is 20 to 25 feet high in length, its bark is of night color, in which the leaves are slightly bigger like tamarind leaves, whose flowers are yellow in color and the shape is bell-shaped. Looks very beautiful to look at. Their flowers start appearing in the month of March to April. Amla plants are also found in Asia, Europe and Africa, they are found more in the Himalayan region and peninsular in India.

Benefits of eating amla

Carbohydrate, phosphorus, calcium, iron, fiber, water, protein, fat, fiber, vitamin C etc. are found in abundance in amla, which has many benefits (Fitness Benefits) by its consumption, so let’s know the benefits of consuming them. Advantages-

1. Make your mind sharp

There are many people who are troubled by the weakness of the mind, not being able to remember what has been read, forgetting something kept, etc. Let us tell you that Amla contains many vitamins and minerals, which provide oxygen to the brain in high amount of iron in the blood as well as improves memory.

2. For hair

Friends, in today’s world of increasing pollution, everyone wants to keep their hair healthy and strong and many people are facing premature graying, breakage and fall due to lack of pollution vasai nutrition. People also use products containing many chemicals, which can also cause many damages.

But let us tell you that Amla is a natural hair tonic that nourishes hair fall, breakage and premature graying and prevents premature graying, which makes hair long, thick and strong, for which you can use Amla. And you can massage by applying the mixture of sesame oil in the hair.

3. To keep the eyes healthy

We all know how precious the eyes are to us, to keep it healthy, you can drink Amla juice mixed with honey, it contains carotene, which helps to get rid of problems like watery eyes, red eyes, itching etc. Helps and maintains healthy eyes.

4. To strengthen the digestive power

Friends, due to improper digestion, many problems arise like indigestion, gas, constipation, etc., which later take a very dangerous form. It has fiber and inflammatory properties, which removes such problems and strengthens the digestive system.

5. To strengthen bones

There are many people whose bones are very weak, for which you can also consume this amla, calcium is found in very high amounts in it, which makes bones strong.

Health Benefits of Amla
Health Benefits of Amla

6. For the skin

People who have acne and blemishes on their face can use amla powder, rose water and lemon juice as a face pack. It has vitamins, antiviral and antibacterial properties that protect against many skin diseases. Amla juice can be consumed regularly to make the face glowing, which brings great benefits.

7. To increase immunity

There are many people who fall ill immediately due to weak immunity due to minor infections, weather changes, the main reason is weak immunity, which you can consume amla to strengthen it. For this, by adding one to two lids of amla juice in a glass of hot water, you can consume it, vitamin C is found in very high quantity, which increases immunity.

8. To get rid of blemishes on the face

If there are blemishes on the face, then you can use amla juice for them as well, for this you can soak amla juice in cotton and apply it on the stains, it helps a lot in eradicating the stains and brings glow on the face.

9. For mouth ulcers

Friends, there are many people who have the problem of ulcers in the mouth again and again, to cure it, you can gargle with amla juice by adding light water, it is very beneficial.

10. To remove metal diseases

Friends, metal disease is such a disease which is quite terrible, in this, while urinating and with urine or before urine, a white colored sticky substance i.e. semen comes out which is called metal disease, due to this the body becomes very weak. The mind becomes weak and the bones also become weak.

There are many such problems and in such a situation, a lot of care has to be taken to remove metal disease, with which you can dry gooseberry kernels and 10 grams powder in the sun and mix it with 2 times sugar candy and consume it with fresh water. There are many benefits from this.

Harm of eating amla

Friends, you have come to know the benefits of Amla, but along with it there are some disadvantages which are very important to know-

  • Amla has a cooling effect, due to which its consumption in winter can cause cold, cough, and fever.
  • If you do not drink water mixed with amla juice, then it can also lead to constipation.
  • Patients with heart disease must consult a doctor before consuming it.
  • Avoid consuming it in large quantities and for a long time as much as possible.

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