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Health and fitness – 10 Good reasons to go run

Health and fitness :

This is a list of reasons why I run. I hope it will inspire you to run or board the plane at the beginning of the race. But keep in mind that there are about 10 reasons for actual events. I will shorten it in the current society.

1. Clarity

I run because running makes my brain as clear as other activities. In fact, I found that whenever I have the urge to “clear my head”, the urge to run is closely followed. However, this is interesting because it is almost a metaphor. The more sober the mind is, the more things are found… Um… the second reason is directly led to.

2. Creativity

If you are a creative person or want to encourage your creativity more. Trust me, there is no good oxygen. By releasing the endorphins that flow through your body, allowing them to fill up with creative fluid flow, so as to absorb your lungs and jog. Seriously, I wrote this blog in my head when I was running this morning. Indeed, half of the business creative blog ideas and sports videos are caused by my feet being burned by the ground (shoes) or my feet being crushed by sand. (Running barefoot) In my humble opinion, the release of creative juice directly leads to the third reason.


To me, running is the kind of runner I have always liked to run alone. Once, I had a partner who made me feel sad about running alone. Now I know that I just like running and it has always been my healing time:

time for thinking, connecting, motivating, recharging, etc. Be careful, the fourth reason is not very spiritual.


In short, running is one of the best ways to stay slim! Yes, I know, “But Rebecca, running makes my knees stiff”, “Running hurts my body”, “My knees are too long. I can’t run.. ” Not so fast, even if your body shape or joint problems are bothering you.

There are other ways of this cat skin. Check out my blog title “Diving in the water” to learn more about Aqua Jogging, if you can use the swimming pool or go to the beach and run on the soft sand.

If none of these options work, you can get many of the same benefits from other great exercises. Now many really have no excuses. I am very fortunate to be able to maintain my love of running for the past 20 years. This leads directly to the fifth reason.

5. Because I can

I run because I can! There was a period of time more than 20 years ago. I can’t run because I was obsessed with destroying myself from the drug addiction that has plagued me for years.

This does not seem to be a cliché. But it is true that running really saved my life, yes, my common sense has disappeared. If I really want to have an impact on the world in this life! Lead me to the sixth reason.

health and fitness
health and fitness

6. Stay healthy

Do I need to say something here? Thousands of studies have shown that exercising for only 30 minutes a day can improve heart health. But especially running can lower cholesterol. Lower your resting heart rate, increase lung capacity and help you extend your life.


Nothing encourages humility more than a good career. I consider myself a very “healthy” person, but I can run any day in the world. Within a few minutes, I remembered that fitness is not the real destination.

But this is a journey, no matter how healthy I feel, running fast will make everything right. Whether it’s acceleration or exhaustion, I’m trying to keep up. Or when I increased the number of times on the mountain and immediately reminded me of my real position, when doing “running legs” or long-distance running on the soft sand, I noticed that each surface had a different effect on my body. Talk about the eight reasons for the difference.

8. Diversity

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to see the same thing twice: running offers a lot of variation. Whether it is the diversity of locations, textures, training types, etc., I have never understood why people say that. “Running is boring” because when you really explore all the possibilities. And it’s just boring. Segway is perfect for nine reasons.

9. Music

Running is not boring. Especially when using your favorite mashup! Nothing can inspire and inspire a great career more than a good combination or a good playlist. My two favorite racing songs of all time: Toto’s Hold The Line or Yes’s Roundabout.

10. Free anytime, anywhere

Reason 10 is a comprehensive reason-see how I say there are more than a dozen shows, but really, except for sneakers and clothes, anyone can access running anytime, anywhere, and it’s free. No heavy equipment, no booking, no gym, all you need is a pair of shoes!

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