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Foods to eat – 11 Foods to Eat Limit or Avoid

Foods to eat :

When it comes to foods to avoid, images of candies, biscuits, cakes, and popcorn may come to your mind.

We are told that sugar is the number one enemy of our oral health.

Although refined sugar is actually harmful to dental health, patients may accidentally eat food that damages teeth. And don’t know how much sugar it contains.

1. Dried fruit

Although we believe that dried fruits are a healthy alternative to sweet, salty and other unhealthy snacks (such as French fries and doughnuts), we believe that dried fruits are a healthy alternative.

But we are satisfied with the “sugar bomb”, which can keep bacteria and sugar in our mouths after we have eaten it for a long time. Appreciate their stickiness.

Before picking up dried cranberries, pick up a banana.

2. Canned Fruit

Canned fruits may not have the consistency of dried fruits. But there must be sugar. The fruit is very sweet. But canned fruit is sugary (and calorie) syrup.

3. Bread

Unsweetened bread, you might think, although you may have heard that white bread is not good because of the chemicals and whitening ingredients in wheat. But you would not think that white bread is bad because of its high sugar content.

Unfortunately, all bread contains sugar. In fact, all flours, such as bread, potatoes and pasta, contain high levels of sugar.

The sugar in flour (such as bread) is destroyed by saliva. Leave a sticky film on and between the teeth that contain bacteria, plaque and sugar. This special sugar is found in simple carbohydrates.

4. Citrus

Without a few oranges or half a grapefruit, nothing will say hello. In addition, there are useful minerals and vitamins such as nutrient-rich vitamins C and D. Found in citrus fruits You will find that tooth enamel destroys citric acid.

Most ice is considered harmless. After all, how much damage can a small piece of frozen water do to teeth?

This is more surprising than you think. Chewing on ice can damage tooth enamel and may cause cracking and chipping.

6. Potato Chips

This may not be surprising. But most fried foods include French fries, which are high in starch (the simplest carbohydrate), and saliva is easily broken down into tooth decay sugar. And in the disease-causing plaque, the eraser

Foods to eat
Foods to eat

7. Carrots and apples

You may have heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, although it is good to eat apples alone because they are important to the overall health of the body. But their hard, crunchy ingredients gnaw at teeth and enamel.

Similar risks apply to carrots because of their tough nature.

8. Vinegar

Vinegar is found in many foods. However, from marinades to salad dressings, this delicious spice contains acids that soften tooth enamel.

9. Peanut butter and jelly

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are one of childhood classics and still innocent comfort foods. At least I think it might be. Except for the starch found in sugar-producing bread. Peanut butter and jelly also contain a lot of sugar.

This is also very difficult for both of them. This means that the bad starch in the bread and the sugar in the peanut butter and jelly will stay in your mouth until you thoroughly clean your teeth and gums.

10. Pasta sauce

Spaghetti sauce may temporarily discolor your teeth due to its strong red color. Did you know that tomatoes are also acidic? The acid in any tomato product is not only harmful to stained teeth, but also softens tooth enamel. This makes the teeth more prone to cavities.

11. Corn cob

If you or someone you know has worn braces or braces before. You know that corn on the cob is forbidden. If you want to protect your teeth, your favorite things this summer are still on our free food list.

Scraping corn kernels from the cob will scratch the enamel and increase the risk of tooth chipping and fillings.

Although corn alone is not harmful to your oral health. But eating right is not good. At family summer picnics, try to remove the seeds from the cob before enjoying the corn.

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