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Disadvantages of tea | Disadvantages of drinking too much tea

Disadvantages of tea – tea is bad for our body. Surprisingly, we already know this. But we still drink tea, and not only that, but some people do it in one day. We had tea 5 to 6 times. While we don’t get any benefits or vitamins from tea, you may or may not get any in the world. But you will definitely get tea.

Did you know that tea is not just for us Indians? Because according to the weather here, India is a hot country and everyone’s body is hot. The caffeine in tea can stimulate our nervous system, remove our fatigue and keep us refreshed. It’s just a moment If someone works and gets tired, he will drink tea, which will relieve the fatigue for a while. But when I get tired again, I want tea again. Just like we drink tea all day. We are familiar with tea.

How much tea should you drink?

You can drink tea or not. Everyone has their own opinion. Some people say that tea cannot be drunk. Some say you can drink tea. But one thing is true: one should never drink more than one cup of tea. For those other than tea drinkers, it’s important to know how drinking tea can harm you.

Disadvantages of drinking tea / Disadvantages and benefits of drinking tea

1. Increased amount of acid in the body

When acid levels in the blood increase, all organs of the body are damaged. Therefore, the acid-base balance in the body is disturbed.

2. Poor digestion / Symptoms of weak digestive power

Drinking tea can slow down the digestive process. If you are unable to digest food properly due to gas, burning and heaviness in your stomach Your stomach will become uncomfortable and feel like you don’t want to work.

3. Lack of vitamins in food / Disadvantages of Tea

The protein and vitamins we get from the foods we eat are not enough for our bodies. Because our bodies are still weak and tired.

4. Weakening of bones

Drinking tea can also weaken your bones. Due to joint pain, knee pain, back and shoulder pain

5. Having heart problems / Heart disease symptoms

Drinking tea can cause heart disease, increase high blood pressure, heart disease, heart disease and other diseases. When detected early, the disease can increase over time.

6. loss of appetite / Disadvantages of Tea

If you drink a lot of tea you will make the mistake of not being hungry because drinking too much tea is not a mistake. Many people drink tea to lose weight. In order not to be hungry but they have more problems such as gas and acidity causing an upset stomach.

7. Insomnia problem / reason for not sleeping

This is because excessive consumption of tea can interfere with our sleep. In our work, we serve tea again and again to help us not sleep. But by doing so gradually began to develop mental illness. Sleep disturbances can occur, waking up all night or thinking about something all night. It’s a disease that just happens. The heart is not here. This can lead to depression and irritability.

8. Weaken memory / symptoms of brain weakness

Drinking tea can impair our memory. You may have seen many times that what we remember is now forgotten.

9. Kidney problems / Symptoms of kidney failure

Drinking tea can cause frequent urination problems. Putting pressure on the bladder and increasing the risk of kidney damage due to increased urination

10. Dehydration of the body / Causes of Dehydration- Disadvantages of Tea

Drinking too much tea can make our body a victim of dehydration. due to lack of water

11. Anaemia / lack of blood in the body

Many people suffer from anemia. And it’s often found in women that they shouldn’t eat blood tea, as drinking tea blocks the absorption of iron in our bodies.

Disadvantages of tea
Disadvantages of tea

If you do not want to give up tea, then keep some things in mind. / Disadvantages of Tea

  • If you want to drink tea, drink no more than one cup of tea, but that’s it.

  • Do not boil tea leaves in water. When the water boils, turn off the gas, put the tea leaves in, and cover for 5 minutes.

  • If you want to make tea with milk first you need to put hot milk in a cup and then pour hot water over the tea leaves.

  • You should not drink hot tea. Because it can cause mouth and throat cancer. Therefore, the tea should be drunk after cooling.

  • When making tea, only use fresh containers. That is, if the pot is already brewed, do not brew any more tea. Before brewing the tea, wash the container clean or do it in another container. By doing this, the poison in the tea comes from the composition. It hurt you a lot

  • Do not drink tea on the street or in places such as tea stalls. Because they brew the tea repeatedly, don’t wash the container, and boil the leaves for a long time, which is why many people like this spring tea so much. Good taste is also known as kadakchai, but in addition to being poisonous, it is also bad for the heart and body.

  • Drink tea half an hour before and half an hour after each meal. Remember, you should not drink tea immediately after a meal. It doesn’t allow your food to be digested properly, and caffeine destroys the vitamins you get from food.

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