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Coronavirus Anxiety – Dealing with stress, fear and anxiety

Coronavirus Anxiety :

If you are not afraid of coronavirus or covid-19, you will not be human. There are many reasons for the spread of anxiety about this disease worldwide. The main reason is the lack of information about this disease.

Stopping anxiety when such situations arise may take appropriate measures to make life easier through the epidemic.

We are all together during this time. But to give you peace of mind, the following information may be helpful:

1- Knowledge is power: listen to or contact trusted sources, and follow CDC’s recommendations to understand what steps you need to take to stay healthy.

2- Strengthen your immune system: eat well and avoid junk food. Look for lean protein (meat, poultry, fish, dairy products), fresh or frozen vegetables. (Frozen may be your best choice.

Because no one in the food market cares about these proteins), fresh or frozen fruit. (Freezing may be your best choice because it will not be missed or adulterated.)

3-Exercise: stay away from anxiety energy, go out to the sun, and there are few people. This will increase endorphins. Increase the serotonin (feel-good chemical) in the brain and boost your spirits. It will calm an exaggerated mind. When you go out for a walk, keep your troubles in your heart.

4- Logic and common sense-being careful is a good thing, especially in this case. I advise you to be more careful during this time. But don’t think that anxiety and fear will benefit you. Set aside some time in the day to remember everything you do, anxiety is useless.

5-Taking care of others: During difficult public health crises, elderly people usually need extra health. By reaching out to help you, you are already crazy, which is a pleasure in itself.

Coronavirus Anxiety
Coronavirus Anxiety

6- Music, leisure activities and relaxation activities: Use everything you care about to calm your heart. And get rid of panic and anxiety patterns and get lost in the anxious mind. Narcissism about books you want to read but don’t have time for. Meditation and yoga together are always helpful.

7- Make smart decisions: Use your logical thinking to choose activities that are meaningful to you. Eating a small meal with fewer friends or postponing a family movie rental may be the best option at this time.

8- Calm down: Once you learn to calm down, calm down. Your adrenaline will start to drop. We are what we think is the best way to stay calm while being rational and cautious. If the panic interrupted your life because of terrible thoughts.

When you tell yourself the truth about the situation, let it go. Facts are important, and they are your strength to resist unnecessary anxiety and panic.

9- Calm: Focus on the here and now. This is the safest place. Yes, plan future events. But living in the moment will eliminate the pain of thinking. In fact, replace “hypothesis” with “then.” Nothing is black and white.

There is always a gray area. Before going to bed, stop reading or watching the news. Everyone needs to take a break from overthinking. Especially if a good night’s sleep is the best way to prevent excessive physical and mental anxiety.

10- Communication: Keep in touch with your good friends and family. Even if you cannot be together, there are still ways to communicate online through chat or face-to-face interaction.

It takes a bit of ingenuity to make the most of difficult situations. But it can prevent stress from releasing chemicals and soothe the body and mind.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone.. Nothing happened, different or unusual from others. Discuss your feelings with friends and family. You’d be surprised how you feel about them.

Time is related to many of these events. And learn how to overcome them as easily as possible to your advantage. Consciously think about a good diet and rest when you are tired. Maintaining a positive view of the situation is the best weapon against today’s anxiety and stress.

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