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Blood Pressure – Salt And High Blood Pressure Fact or Myth

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Blood Pressure :

One of the two people you are talking to seems to be complaining or have a cardiovascular problem. Blood pressure measurement indicates the force on the arterial wall. Including the beating of the heart

Most people think that salt is the main cause of coronary heart disease or do they say so? For decades, the theory that salt is harmful to you and increase heart disease has been outdated and wrong. Getting rid of too much salt has many disadvantages, it will affect other aspects of the body.

There is strong evidence that salt is not the main problem of high blood pressure. But there is not enough potassium in sodium. There is no proper balance between the two. High salt or high sodium alone increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Which Salt?

Most people don’t know that potassium is an important mineral that plays an important role in blood pressure. The balance between salt and potassium is important. Step 1: Use natural salt instead of refined table salt to get a better potassium balance. Because salt is the cause of high blood pressure. Therefore, sugar and trans fats are worse and have the greatest impact on cholesterol and heart disease.

Potassium deficiency

Generally speaking, our food is the most processed food that many people eat. Potassium deficiency reduces the salt content of processed foods by adding monosodium glutamate (MSG) to processed foods. Two things happen: improving the taste of food and reducing salt, but it can cause many other health problems. Processed foods containing preservatives, flavoring agents (MSG), etc., usually provide twice as much sodium as ordinary people’s potassium. Another thing is the lack of minerals and magnesium. This is rare in processed foods. It can also damage your heart and blood vessels. Magnesium is essential for good blood pressure and is usually lacking in our daily diet. Magnesium can also reduce blood volume. Expand blood vessels, make arteries flexible and flexible

Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure

What we eat

As we all know, many processed foods are responsible for most diseases. These foods contain refined sugar. Pure sodium and high trans fats are the main causes of high blood pressure. Switching to a more natural diet will improve your overall health. This includes lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. We should eat more green leafy vegetables, green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, berries, avocados, creek natural yogurt, wild salmon, fish oil, etc. The other is grape seed extract, which is very helpful for blood pressure. Because grapes have a high fructose content. This can worsen insulin and leptin resistance. Using grape seed extract will not affect your insulin levels. But it will increase blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Foods rich in potassium, magnesium and minerals can lower blood pressure and improve overall health. They are fully protected, safe and natural, without side effects. Medical research has indeed found thousands of therapeutic nutrients in food.

Food is the source of most health problems. Food is also the solution. The most important step towards health is to change a healthy diet! In addition, preventive and safety measures are to add good supplements containing a variety of minerals and all nutrients.

Medication Needs

Reduce the use of drugs to avoid the dangerous side effects of warfarin. Therefore, people switch to aspirin for daily heart care. Taking aspirin every day to thin the blood and reduce the risk of stroke is neither a cure nor a satisfactory option.

Although aspirin is not as dangerous as other drugs, aspirin is a natural pain reliever and the safest one. It can also reduce fever and inflammation. Some later studies found that aspirin is not the answer to high blood pressure, and it will thin the blood as previously thought.

Some drugs may be excluded from short-term use. The longer you take birth control pills, the risk factors and side effects increase.

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