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Benefits of Massage Therapy and Relaxation

Benefits of Massage Therapy and Relaxation :

After a long day at work or a long week, one of the best things is that you can take your time and recover. One of the things we know best about our lifestyle these days is that many people feel stressed. Scheduled work, a chaotic social life and a more demanding home life create tension and cortisol in your body.

The stress hormone cortisol can cause insomnia. Weight gain Digestive problems and headaches. Massage therapy is known to lower cortisol levels in the body. This helps to improve relaxation, improve mood and reduce stress levels in the body. In addition to reducing these stress levels, regular massage also benefits the overall health of the mind and body.

Reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression

The body can function in different ways, and the stress we accumulate throughout our lives is often one of the consequences. It is important to reduce this emotional and physical distress. So we can help improve our health and well-being. When the body’s stress levels increase, the body’s production of cortisol also increases.

These cortisol levels drop when you get a 60-minute massage. At the same time, levels of serotonin, a hormone that relieves pain in the body, begin to rise. The hormonal changes your body produces help fight pain. anxiety and sadness

We know that the emotional benefits of massage are just as important. Good for the Body Massage creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. So you can focus and regain clarity. It often helps individuals connect through the mind and body. The nourishing touch satisfies the need for human touch. Induce inner peace and tranquility These are all factors that help to relieve tension and stress levels in the body.

low blood pressure

It was found that regular and regular massage lowered blood pressure over time. With lower cortisol levels it can help regulate the body’s mood and reduce anxiety symptoms. Stress and Depression Massage therapy is often used for prehypertension. Long-term research shows that massage programs can help lower certain types of blood pressure by lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This will help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. and other additional benefits

Relax muscle tension

One of the main reasons people choose massages is that they help relieve painful muscle tension by removing muscle tension and knots. Massage to tighten muscles and joints, reduce swelling, and help the body relax. Techniques used to reduce swelling and joint pain can help increase the amount of nutrients and oxygen delivered to the affected area.

This increased activity in the tissue keeps muscles and joints tight and swollen. Flexibility in this area can reduce pain. Massage therapy releases endorphins, which increase dopamine and serotonin levels. The secretion of these hormones provides the body with many physical and mental benefits.

Improve circulation

Regular massage will make the blood circulation of the body better. Deliver healthy, healthy blood to damaged tissue. Putting pressure on the body can increase blood circulation. It moves blood through damaged and congested tissues and muscles. Paying attention to the pressure on the muscles will allow new blood to flow to these areas of tissue.

Another benefit of massage therapy is that the movement and manipulation of the muscles increases lactic acid in the muscles. This results in a balance of lymph flow. This system helps transport metabolic waste from internal organs and muscles. Improve overall physical function.

Stand up and improve your posture.

When you get a massage, whether it’s a full body massage or just your head, neck and shoulders, give your body a chance to relax. Relieve tension and relaxation, increase movement. Usually when your posture is bad, the tension is released and your muscles have a chance to relax. When the muscles relax, your body naturally repositions into the correct position.

Massage can also reduce stress on the joints. It depends on the type of massage you receive. Massage therapists may have experience working with muscles. Helps relieve knots and deal with stress on bones. Helps stretch and adjust the body Helps improve posture This specialized massage should be performed under the supervision of a specialist. Before engaging in any such activity, you should seek advice from a chiropractor who is familiar with the field.

Strengthen immune system

In our busy lives, the effects of stress on the body, combined with poor diet and poor sleep habits, can have a huge impact on our body and the immune system’s natural defenses. Another benefit of massage therapy is its effect on a person’s immune system. We are all aware of the positive qualities that influence our personal well-being and mood. But it is known to support the immune system.

Massage can help fight cold and flu symptoms. And functional massages that help improve the immune system, such as the Swedish massage technique, are known to reduce arginine, vasopressin, a hormone associated with aggressive behavior. As well as the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) mentioned above. They regulate the nervous system, stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems for these benefits and methods. It also helps relieve arthritis and joint pain.

Helps with sleep

Keep your body in top shape and give you the best possible rest. Adequate sleep is important. An adult should have a total of 7 hours a night to achieve this. Although children depend on age, they are more important than adults when your body is not at these levels even if you think everything is fine. Your body won’t be able to function as it should in all areas. These insomnia symptoms your body may experience include: Poor performance. Slower response times and fatigue issues, including low mood and general health

It is often recommended to incorporate nutrition and exercise into one’s lifestyle. Sleep quality is also a factor. The release of cortisol in the body and the tension in the muscles during massage can relieve pain receptors that cause pressure to build up. A relaxing atmosphere and essential oils tend to lower stress levels in the body. Relaxing massage with frequent massage therapy The body can better handle stress. Makes you sleep better all night

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